Gene Murphy

Startups and EIR in Ireland

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In the startup community I get to work on:

@dublinbeta @drinkaboutdub @swdub @StartupWeekend across Ireland previously I operated @startupnextirl a pre accelerator program from Techstars. Now I get to work on @StartupBoostIrl a global pre accelerator program for early stage tech startups.

Also I get to facilitate Startup Weekends internationally so if you need a facilitator with a ginger view on life and a love for early stage startups then please do let me know!

Previously I was a a Cofounder @startupireland & currently I'm E.I.R. at Bank Of Ireland where I get to work on setting up co-working spaces through our Workbench program and tech incubators through our startlab program which is now in Galway, New York and Dublin. Early stage fintech, general early stage tech and intrapreneurship programs are some of the other areas I work on and always happy to learn and chat more on if you've some interesting ideas.

If you want to chat about tech startups, innovation, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship or anything else then just contact me and the social links below!